Hi everyone! I'm Persikka and I welcome you to "Chicken Pox", my Dollshouse! YEAH! I've finally decided to open this site, sounds incredible, ya?XD Well, check all the pages and remember that all the materials you'll found here are my , so don't try to steal anything or you'll have troubles! _
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18/04/2006 - Hey ya! :'D I've put on vote my contest! I'll upload the awards with the next update! see ya

03/02/2006 - I've been out for a while, but don't worry I'm still dolling! _ updated almost all sections (and the contest's near to close, come on! **)!

For Chuby's 18th birthday! :'D To Yume, Rodolphus with loveXD From Yume, a Barty Jr with love **
20/12/2005 - Finally after a VERY LONG time! =_= there're lots of new stuff, so go and check it all out! _
Remember that my tan contest is still open and it's waiting for YOUR entry! _/

3/11/2005 - Here I'm! new entries and new gift. I'm too lazy to upload my new dollzXD

From MouldyCat!

15/10/2005 - Here're the gift! :'D I've to say that next week I won't be so present on Internet 'cause of things at school; so, probabily I won't be able to update but keep on sending me your entries (and gifts too!XD) for my contest! ^W^/* kisses

From Enyou! From Serena! From Serena too! From Sumi! From Mariacarla! For Chuby's contest! For Elychan's contest!

12/10/2005 - NEW CONTEST!! "draw your mascotte"! Check the section and send me your entry! _/*
I have also recived three new gift but I'm too lazy for uploade themXD so... see you next update!XDD

9/10/2005 - SO MANY GIFT!*___* I'm so happy... ;_; they're ALL wonderful!Then... I'm pleased to introduce you... Chuby's and mine banner of sisterage!XD we're so prettyXD

From Yume! For my birthday From Elychan! Don't you think it's wonderful?O_O From Lain From Leila And this's my friend Bone... who loves Whinnie the Pooh!XD

6/10/2005 - New gift for me!! *_* I luv them! And a doll that represent my friend Chuby as a mantis :'D

From Yume! >w< From Giuly! :'D From Nilly! <3 Chuby as a mantis!XD

1/10/2005 - Three sweet faeries for you! :'D don't bite them!XD

The Saila candies faerie! The pink cotton sugar faerie! The crepes with chocolate faerie! Me, my puter Erasmo, and my two tans: Lime and Nitro! :'D To my friend D! she's now 20! :'D

13/09/2005 - Some new dolls, one gift for me and two new gifts for you! :'D Feel free to take the second one (the one 'bout school) and remember to link me back! ^^

To my friend Carol, with loveXD To all. I'm not in the mood to come back to scholl =_= From Chuby! THANKS A LOT!!

25/08/2005 - Five (FIVE! I said FIVE! *_* XD) new baseless dolls! I'm so happy!

14/07/2005 - The KILL BILL contest is OPEN! Come on and enter your dolls! _/*
And one new doll for me!^.^ it represent me as Rocky Balboa!XD

12/07/2005 - The site is online! *\^_^/*